Stay In Touch While Away Traveling

Just because you are taking a well-deserved break from the travails of business is no time to be suddenly and completely out of contact.  It is usually much wiser for your business future for you to be accessible even while you are lounging on the deck of that cruise ship or riding a camel past the great Pyramid.  Maybe you don’t want to hear folks rant over your last contract, but you do want to talk to the company he has finally decided it can no longer succeed without your particular advice and insight.  And their need to survive may take precedence over your need for a few days away from the ringing of your phone.  As a wise business person, you undoubtedly know those good communications are the lifeblood of your business venture.  So before departing on that long-awaited escape, make sure you can be reached successfully wherever you go.

This is where you can depend upon Verizon Wireless to ensure that you are kept in touch.  They offer the best business and personal wireless plans available at reasonable rates, without requiring long-term contracts.  They are now offering $250 off the price of any iPad when you buy an iPhone.  And you can use a Groupon promo code to take advantage of any of their special offers this month.  Verizon currently offers wireless phone service at $45 per month rates per line.  These rates also require no long-term contract.  And Verizon offers up to $100 discounts on the purchase of selected new smartphones.  They include special deals on accessories and equipment when you use the appropriate Groupon coupon.  The more dependent your business is upon data and information, the more essential it is that you see that you have reliable communications and data transmission services.

One valuable use for your wireless is for collecting information valuable for business ventures.  You can photograph documents and information for future reference.  And you can send outlines or draft proposals that include your latest observations.  Use your vacation as a chance further enhance your business career by collecting and compiling relevant information and observations.  Rely on Verizon to transmit that information for future uses.